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Portland Appliance Repair provides repair services to all types of appliances in Portland Oregon. Our team of experienced technicians have countless years of training for all brands. We pride ourselves on understanding the latest technologies available and are ready to repair or service any of your appliances. We are certified with most brands and can work with your appliance warranty when provided. Below are a few examples of the brands we excel at servicing. If you don’t see your brand or appliance listed below, feel free to contact our customer service team. Chances are we have a team member who is an expert on the brand and will be able to solve any of your issues.


LG appliances constantly rank very high for reliability. The company excels at washer and dryers and their products consistently rank highly in this category. According to consumer reports, LG front-load washers, top-load washers and dryers. They are very reliable and have an impressive feature set. Our technicians are experts on all LG products and can provide you with outstanding service on all their appliances. Contact our customer service team today and we can resolve any issues with your LG appliances.


Samsung is the top-selling appliance brand in the U.S. They are another brand that has amazing reliability for all their appliances. Samsung offers very stylish appliances for a great price. Each of their products are filled with features. Refrigerators and washers are their highest selling products. Their service record is great, and you can be sure you own a quality product. Our team is fully trained and certified in repairing, servicing and maintaining your Samsung appliance.


Frigidaire has long been one of the most reliable brands on the market. They do offer all types of appliances for sale but are mostly known for their refrigerators. The latest fridges offer a variety of options including smart refrigerators with WIFI connections.  Portland Appliance Repair stays up to date with all appliance technologies and are ready to handle any repairs or service you require.

Other Brands

We are expert appliance repairmen that can provide quality service for all major appliance brands. Some of our most popular brands include Maytag, KitchenAid, Bosch, GE, Kenmore, Electrolux, and Miele. If you don’t see your appliance brand on this don’t worry. Our technicians are thoroughly trained on all modern appliance brands. We can also can for your older brand appliances as well. If you don’t see your brand, please give us a call today for a service consultation. No matter what brand, our technicians are ready to tackle any challenge. Contact our customer service team today to schedule a consultation today.


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