Dishwasher Repair

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Your dishwasher saves you from one of the most annoying daily chores. No one wants to wash the dishes after dinner. If your dishwasher isn’t working correctly or is no longer working give the team at Portland Appliance Repair a call today. We can care for your dishwasher leaking, cloudy glassware, dead motor or pump, water softening, worn gaskets or clogged drains. We are experts at caring for all the most popular dishwasher brands including Whirlpool, Samsung, Bosch, Maytag, and Miele. We have experience working on the latest technologies and can also care for your older dishwashers.

Dishwasher Issues

Do you notice your dishes are not as clean as they should be there? There may be blockage in your armholes, worn pump or burned-out heating element. Cloudy glassware could mean hard water running through your washer. We can install a softener to assist with this issue. Perhaps your washer just hums? You may need a motor repair or replacement. If your dishwasher doesn’t fill with water, you may need to repair the solenoid, valve, overflow switch or timer. Clogged drains, worn gaskets, broken arm assembly or leaking pumps can cause a variety of water leaking or pumping out issues. Portland Appliance Repair can provide a solution to all these problems

Major Dishwasher Problems

Some problems may require more than a deep cleaning or simple repair. We have access to parts for every brand dishwasher and can service your broken dishwasher quickly. If your dishwasher doesn’t start, or keeps filling with water, or is seriously leaking we have the expertise to diagnose the problem and solve it quickly. We can install a new pump, motor, float switch, wiring, door latch, or spray arms.

Dishwasher Maintenance

Sticking to a dishwasher maintenance schedule could help you avoid costly future repairs. No one thinks about cleaning their dishwasher. We can handle this extra chore for you. Our servicemen will take extra care and get your dishwasher running quickly and efficiently. We begin by inspecting and cleaning the spinning arms and will clear any debris from the holes. Next, we’ll unclog and clean the drain. Any food or debris that you don’t rinse off ends up in the drain. We will clear the drain and ensure the water is flowing correctly. Next, we can clean the walls of the dishwasher and remove any mildew from inside.

Emergency Services

While not as serious as a gas leak, if your dishwasher is leaking water it can cause damage to your home costing you hundreds of dollars if not cared for. We can provide you with service 24-7 to stop any serious leaking from your dishwasher. Our servicemen will arrive and stop your leaking dishwasher issue quickly and effectively. We pride ourselves on providing the quickest emergency appliance repair services. Portland Appliance Repair has on-call service technicians available to cater to any emergency you may have.


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