Gas Appliance Repair

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Portland Appliance Repair has years of experience repairing and maintaining gas appliances. If you are having issues with any gas appliances, give our customer service team a call today and we can discuss a solution that works and fits your budget. We are experts on gas safety and can provide you with solutions that ensure your home is safer. Our gas inspection service can pinpoint any problem issues that may arise and provide you with solutions. We service and repair all brands of gas appliance and have a team on-call for any of your needs. Contact us today for if your appliances are not operating correctly.

Gas Appliance Safety

Your gas stove requires extra education to ensure any users operate it safely. A clean and properly running stove or oven will help make your home safer. Regular cleaning of grease, the burners and inside the oven will make cooking safer. It will also prolong the life of your gas appliances and reduce the number of repairs. The biggest danger involves leaking gas. If you notice a gas smell while no burners are on or pilot light is out, you should ventilate your home immediately. Turn off the gas to the appliance and contact your gas company. Portland Appliance Repair can also provide emergency assistance if you are having these issues.

Gas Inspection

Our service technicians can provide a thorough gas safety inspection of your home. Safety is our top concern at Portland Appliance Repair. We can provide you with peace of mind and knowing your gas appliances are fully operational. During our inspection we will verify that your stove/oven ignition switch is operational, measure the quality of the flame, verify ventilation, and check all hoses and pipes. Once an inspection is complete, we will recommend any needed gas appliance repairs or maintenance. Any dangers or issues will be relayed to the homeowner and we can then decide on a course of action to repair your gas appliances.

Gas Stove/Oven Repair

Portland Appliance Repair is ready to tackle your toughest gas appliance problems. We can cater to any gas appliance in your home. Is your oven not heating? Or is a burner not functioning? We are experts at diagnosing any gas appliance problem and providing an affordable solution. Your safety is our primary concern when handling gas repairs and will provide you with a safe, affordable and effective repair service. Contact us today for a free quote or estimate.

Gas Dryer Problems

Your gas dryer could also have a variety of problems. Portland Appliance Repair has service technicians to solve any dryer problem. We will verify your dryer has correct gas supply, your igniter is working, check all fuses, wiring and solenoid coils. After a detailed inspection we will pinpoint the problem and provide you with the best solution for a great price. We can provide a solution for any brand gas dryer that will have you drying your clothes in no time.


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