Refrigerator Repair

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A broken refrigerator or freezer is a health hazard to you and your family. If uncared for, you may have to throw all your food in the trash. There are many things that can go wrong with your home refrigeration. Perhaps your fridge is leaking or not cooling correctly. The team at Portland Appliance Repair has a solution to any refrigeration problem. We care for all the major refrigerator and freezer brands including LG, Whirlpool. Frigidaire, Kenmore and Maytag. We are experts at high-tech refrigerator repairs and are fully trained on the latest refrigeration technologies.

Common Refrigerator Problems

Portland Appliance Repair can repair any common refrigeration problem. If you are having issues with your thermostat, ice maker, or water dispenser we have a solution to the problem. We can provide maintenance to any brand refrigerator or freezer and have it fully functional in not time. Do your doors not shut correctly? We can provide you with new fridge door seals. A new door seal will provide you with a more efficient refrigerator and will provide a constant temperature inside. Consider a new seal to provide added energy efficiency to your refrigerator or freezer.

Refrigerator Repair

We are a full-service refrigerator repair service company. Is your fridge leaking or freezer not cooling? A broken refrigerator will begin to lose its ability to cool your food in less than four hours. Our technicians are experts at caring for all major brand refrigerators and freezers. Our experts have done hundreds of freezer repairs in Portland Oregon. If your motor, compressor, condenser coils, capacitor or thermostat are inoperable we can provide you with replacement parts immediately. Let our servicemen get your food cool again! We have a team on-call ready to handle any refrigeration problem.

Freezer Repair

A broken freezer will keep your food frozen for approximately 48 hours if you keep the doors shut. After this time, it may be unsafe to consume any food that you had stored. If your freezer has failed give Portland Appliance Repair a call to solve your problems. Your freezer may need a simple repair or something more complex. We have experts ready to tackle your freezer. We can provide service for all major freezer and refrigerator brands. Our on-call technicians are ready to repair your freezer today.

Health and Safety Concerns

It is essential for your refrigerator or freezer to be working properly. If your refrigerator is not keeping the correct temperatures, you are risking a health hazard for you and your family. Refrigeration reduces the growth of pathogens and decreases food spoilage. Portland Appliance Repair can provide you the expertise you need to ensure a healthy refrigerator or freezer is in your home. Modern refrigerators can keep food cold for about 4 hours if you keep the doors shut. After that you are risking your health. Don’t hesitate to call us if your refrigerator or freezer has failed.


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