Stove/Oven Repair

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Are you have stove or oven issues? Portland Appliance Repair has experienced servicemen who can repair any type of stove or oven. Our technicians have years of experience handling every major brand stove. We have parts available and in stock and can install them for your today. Our goal is to have you cooking and enjoying a meal tonight! Contact our customer service team today for a free consultation We can get to work on resolving your problems today.

Gas Stove Problems

Gas stoves have a unique set of problems that can be cared for by a service technician. We take extra care while handling any gas related appliance to ensure you and your family’s safety. If you surface burners won’t light your portholes may be clogged, or your igniters may be malfunctioning. If your pilot light won’t ignite you may have a clog in its opening. If you are smelling gave when the pilot flame is not burning, you should immediately ventilate your home. After contacting your gas company, Portland Appliance Repair can assist you with your emergency gas stove repairs.

Electric Stove Problems

Your electric stove can have just as many problems as a gas stovetop. If your coils fail to heat, there are many different causes. Damage coils is the biggest issue and they may need to be replaced. You will notice blisters or cracks on your damaged coils. Our servicemen will diagnose the problem before replacement. Perhaps the issue is in the wiring of the stove or the plug-in area or the coil may just be loose or not installed correctly. We can care for all these issues quickly. If your stove is not heating let us know and we will get to work on a solution that matches your electric stove.

Stove and Oven Repair and Maintenance

Our team is available to service your stove and oven. We can provide a maintenance service for your stove and oven that will revitalize your appliance. Our maintenance service is available for gas and electric stoves. It can include checking all electronics, lights, burners and igniters. Once complete your burners will operate efficiently and effectively. Your oven and stove top burners will provide correct temperatures. A regularly scheduled maintenance of your appliance can ensure proper function while also providing safer functionality

Oven Repair and Maintenance

We can care for your gas or electric oven. Portland Appliance Repair excels at oven repair and will have your over cooking at the correct temperature in no time. Your gas oven can have similar issues as the stovetop. If you are smelling gas while your oven is off, you need to contact us and your gas company immediately. We can care for your emergency quickly and safely. If your electric oven is not operating correctly give us a call also. If it is overheating or not operating, we can repair or replace the broken heating elements. We can provide replacement parts for any brand oven.


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