Washer/Dryer Repair

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Your washer and dryer are essential for their convenience. No one wants to return to the days of a washtub and line drying clothing. We provide full-service repairs to all washers and dryers. We can provide solutions to your washer not draining or leaking or your dryer not heating. Our technicians are trained on all major brands including Samsung, Bosch, Maytag and GE. We have parts available and ready to install for all brands and can have your washer or dryer running smoothly in less than day. Feel free to contact our customer service representatives today for a consultation.

Common Washer Problems

Your washer could end up with a variety of problems. If you washer won’t respond or turn on there could be a variety of issues. You may experience drainage issues and you won’t find out until there is water spilling out of your washer. If your washer won’t spin, there are several solutions our technician can provide to get you running again. If the washer is leaking it may be a simple fix of the drain hose or could be something more complex. If there are weird noises, banging or smells coming from your washer, give us a call and we can diagnose any problem you may have.

Common Dryer Problems

Your dryer could have a variety of issues as well. If there is no heat, you may just need a new fuse, thermostat, temperature switch. We can quickly diagnose your heat issue and provide you with an affordable solution to the problem. If you drum is not spinning you may have issues with the dryer motor, belts or rollers. We can provide replacement parts for any brand dryer that will get your drum spinning again. If the dryer is overheating, you may have clogged vents or a bad thermostat. A clogged vent is a safety hazard that could result in fire. If your dryer won’t work at all, give us a call today for a consultation.

Washer and Dryer Repair

Portland Appliance Repair has years of experience caring for washers and dryers in Portland Oregon. Our team is trained to repair and maintain all major brand washers/dryers. We have experts that can repair your gas or electric dryer. Our parts department is stocked with parts for every brand and we can have a technician at your home repairing you appliances today.

Washer/Dryer Maintenance

We can provide any recommended washer or dryer maintenance. It is advised to keep up with your recommended scheduled appliance maintenance schedule. We can handle this for you while you sit back and relax. During maintenance we will inspect all hoses, clean and unclog drains, check electronics, level the machine, and clean lint filter. Our dryer maintenance will include cleaning exhaust vents, cleaning of drum, replace any damaged vents, and clean outside vent. Your washer and dryer will run efficiently and effectively after a scheduled maintenance service with Portland Appliance Repair.


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